What is Divergence in Forex

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what is divergence in forex

We’re also a community of traders that support each other on our daily trading journey. Determine significant support and resistance levels with the help of pivot points. That is why it is a rather popular type of trading on the Forex market among professional traders. It is regarded as a specialty of professionals, and beginners are not recommended to get involved in this topic. However, we will try to what it is in the most accessible language, understandable even to beginners. The hidden stochastic oscillator divergence is determined according to the same rule as in the cases with the MACD and RSI.

RSI divergence

The second most common error is when traders identify divergence simply by connecting adjacent peaks of the indicator bars. But they do not monitor whether these peaks occur within the same trend. Hidden divergence forex is the opposite of the regular divergence; it suggests the trend continuation. The above chart is an example of the wrong reading of divergence forex. The price highs are compared with the indicator lows in the wrong way. Let us explore all possible types of divergence signals.

You can use the oversold and overbought conditions to exit the trades. In Forex, hidden Forex divergence informs about the continuation of the trend. However, it is rather difficult to recognize it in a trading terminal. Hidden Forex divergence gives a clear signal to open a buy or sell position. Chaikin Oscillator is a technical analysis tool used to measure the accumulation and distribution of moving average convergence-divergence .

If it does not and in fact makes a lower low , then that’s what you call hidden divergence. Or in other words, this divergence pattern screams ‘buy the dips’. As mentioned above, divergence refers to when a trend indicator an oscillator or moving average is in an upward move, but that move is in contrast to price action. When analyzing any Forex pair for divergence, it’s best to compare currency prices against two trend indicators.

what is divergence in forex

The red arrows and lines indicate that the signal appears downwards. Accordingly, the arrows and lines of blue color are formed when there is a divergence that suggests buying a currency pair. The indicator local extrema are marked with blue, red and white dots. There is also a special type of divergence – triple divergence. It is the rarest and almost unmistakable forex signal.

Types of divergences forex explained

Moving Average Convergence Divergence is a trend-following indicator that charts the relationship between two moving averages of a currency pair’s price. It contains two lines how to pick stocks for day trading and a histogram, all centered around zero. When looking for divergences, focus on the peaks of the histogram, as it averages the multiple averages plotted by the two lines.

This “positive reverse divergence” usually shows an upward trend that can be predicted to continue onward. This type of divergence in Forex, also called a positive divergence, shows as prices make lower than normal lows, but indicators still reflect higher lows. This usually signals that prices will end up taking a sharp uptick rather than continuing to fall. This is why experienced traders trading divergence often test the market with half their normal position size before getting their full position on the trade.

How to trade divergence in forex

The daily’s uptrend on this chart is a very steep one, and I wouldn’t want to go against it. Remember this, what may look like a reversal in the lower time bettrex frames, is simply a pullback in the higher one. It’s not an easy concept to grasp, but just remember that the higher time frame plays a bigger role.


You can also exit the buy trade when the price breaks through the trendline or just set a take profit at a distance twice as long as that of the stop loss. So, you can exit the trade according to any reversal signal. I recommend beginner traders to set the take profit at a distance twice as long as that of the stop loss; this is a simple and winning trading strategy.

However, the extended divergence often fails to observe the basic rules as it frequently occurs in sideways trends. Many traders do not consider the extended divergence as a trading signal, suggesting it be a false one. A hidden bullish divergence occurs when the price hits higher lows while the indicator forms lower lows. Hidden divergence bullish signal appears in an uptrend; it suggests trend continuation. The left side of the above table displays an example of a hidden divergence.

The false signal of divergence is when the convergence or divergence of the lines doesn’t result in the trend continuation or reversal as expected. The above chart displays a common case of extended divergence. There is extended bearish divergence, where the indicator hits higher highs while the price highs are getting lower . This signal should be followed by a false trend reversal. The above figure displays the extended bullish divergence on the MACD indicator. However, the MACD second low is higher than the first one.

In order to test it personally, one should just download the archive and install it to the chart of any currency pair. The price breaks out the upper Bollinger band and goes back into the green zone. RSI touches the overbought zone and goes down again. These signals confirm the trend reversal, so we detail the entry point. Unlike the oscillators covered above, the Awesome Oscillator divergence indicator looks like a histogram, not like a curved line.

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