Agender (like in atheist) [ revise ]

Agender (like in atheist) [ revise ]

“Adult human chicken” came up just like the an excellent parody of your own motto in the late 2021 shortly after an excellent TERF sockpuppet tweeted one to “‘woman’ function adult human mature dating apps female. For example ‘hen’ mode mature person chicken.”

AFAB trans woman [ modify ]

  • A term green salad made from arbitrary terminology so you can signify intercourse-title brands are non-sensical otherwise worthless.
  • A low-sequential gang of brands used to deliberately misgender trans males since women, tying brand new title “trans” so you’re able to terminology due to their intercourse tasked during the delivery (compare with “trans-understood females”).
  • Otherwise, since the TERFs has know this construction was thinking-contradictary, brand new joke “identity” from an excellent cis girl just who identifies once the an excellent trans woman (look for biography-trans).

Aiden [ change ]

Derogatory identity to have good transgender child, based on the label you to “Aiden” (otherwise comparable category of brands age.grams. Hayden, Jayden) was a well-known collection of name certainly younger trans guys. This is certainly possibly joked regarding the by trans anybody certainly by themselves, however, could have been appropriated by the TERFs.

Autoandrophilia / AAP [ modify ]

A great pseudoscientific hypothesis one transgender men who are not entirely keen on lady change because of an effective fetish if you are viewed as people. It is smaller common as compared to thought of autogynephilia, and several advocates of your own autogynephilia concept believe that there isn’t any similar in the trans males – since they’re “women”, and you will lady do not have fetishes! But some TERFs believe it will occur, ergo trans people don’t real. YouTuber Chase Ross (uppercasechase1) could have been cited by TERFs just like the an enthusiastic autoandrophile because the his station centers on evaluating adult toys, packers, undies, etc.

Autogynephilia / AGP [ edit ]

An excellent pseudoscientific theory one transgender women that aren’t entirely interested in the male is transitioning strictly down to a fetish having getting viewed as women. It theory, recommended from the J. Michael Bailey and most commonplace between your 1980s and you can very early 2000s, might have been reprocessed from the TERFs to help expand the blatant transmisogyny.

Autogynesmile [ edit ]

TERFs declare that trans women all has actually a similar smug grin for the reason that their “autogynephilia”, for this reason it is named an enthusiastic autogynesmile (otherwise “autogynephile smirk.”)

Autohomoeroticism / AHE [ modify ]

An idea, based on the mainly-debunked notion of autogynephilia, one to trans anybody (particularly trans males) who are keen on a similar sex change because of a great fetish to be seen as homosexual anyone.

Bio-trans [ revise ]

Some other phony term developed by 4chan otherwise TERF Tumblr to mock trans somebody. A bio-trans lady is actually supposedly an effective cis girl exactly who makes reference to because the a great trans girl. It’s according to a comical where a beneficial cis lady “transitions” by following transphobic stereotypes particularly shaving the lady see copy androgenic hair loss and dressing up such as for instance a cartoon reputation. The brand new meme spawned an incorrect-flag procedure into the Fb into the , with transphobes carrying out a military off “bio-trans” sockpuppets, including hairless women Picrew avatars.

Blanchard model [ revise ]

A theory, very first posited of the sexologist Ray Blanchard on 1980s, that every trans ladies are possibly homosexual men exactly who transition very they could appeal straight boys (“homosexual transsexuals”); otherwise straight boys who change on account of an intimate fetish (“autogynephiles”). Blanchard however claims today this particular is the case, despite widespread complaint out of his ideas and you will functions. TERFs adamantly safeguard the “Blanchard Model” while it will not resist possibly the really basic analysis.

Blanchard thinks you to trans men are ladies, and you may female don’t have paraphilias; hence there’s no types of the model to have trans boys. Yet not, TERFs enjoys proposed her comparable whereby most of the trans men are possibly lesbians just who transition to leave homophobia, otherwise straight lady having autohomoeroticism (a great fetish to possess attempting to get noticed as homosexual males.)

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