The LEGO Company History

The LEGO company developed in the 1950s, once its owner patented the popular brick. The brick includes tubes inside that hold the pieces together, and it is one of the most identifiable toys. Ever since then, it has harvested from a small carpenter’s workshop in Denmark to a multinational venture. This company has picked up a “Toy of the Century” title twice, and it has been recognized by the Reputation Start as the most revered company of 2020.

The name “Lego” derives by Danish phrases meaning “play” and “well. ” The company began by simply creating straightforward toys just like trucks and ducks on wheels. As revenue increased, Profano began to enlarge into additional countries and formed five sister companies. Its global reach led to the creation of a number of famous companies, which includes Apple, Mattel, and Hasbro. Its products and brand were a mirrored image of kids imaginations around the world. It was the first in line to market a toy made out of Lego stones, and this continues to do so today.

Simply because sales grew, the Seglar family committed to a plastic-injection molding machine. The Lego brick was first unveiled in 1957. It features two lines of four buttons, allowing for almost infinite mixtures. Today, children can build tall, significant structures by simply stacking multiple bricks in a configuration. It is because the SEGLAR bricks will be backwards compatible and can be combined with different sets. For instance , three eight-studded bricks could be joined in practically nine 1, 000 ways.

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